The Norristown FLOW KING is coming for his throne

10 year old, Norristown Native, Khalil Jordan aka FLOW KING is on a mission to inspire.

“I just want to be leader, not so they [young people] can follow me, but can be inspired by me” says FLOW KING in a recent interview with Happening (iN)TOWN.

If you ask him, he will tell you, “I was born a king” – The conviction in his voice is enough to believe him, and then he backs it up with an incredible drive to accomplish great things.

Award Winning Track Athlete, Accomplished Student, Rocking the mic with original rap songs in his school auditorium while his classmates cheer him on… and yet still humble… Flow King talks about filming his latest music video with Rotation Records as if it was just another day at school.

In school his favorite subject is Reading, when asked why FLOW KING had this to say, “I like to read a lot of poetry because it helps me open my mind, and it helps me write more songs, because that’s what it is… rap is poetry through rhythm.”

With the support of his family, school, the Norristown Community, and his direct team, TEAM FLOW KING is invested in this young king’s dreams.

Many times working as a tag-team-duo with his father balancing the various industry hats of producer, videographer, manager, promoter, and more, Flow King told us he draws much of his inspiration from his father. “Sometime he lectures me for hours… but I learn so much!”

Flow King couples the lessons his father teaches him with to his unique lyrical talent to create inspirational messages for his peers.

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Stay Strong… Do You Own Thing… Don’t Back Down…” According to the FLOW KING these are the pillars of his music.

Who has inspired you lately? We can definitely say FLOW KING has inspires us! He looks 10, he may even sound 10, but the wisdom of this young man is well beyond his years.

The Flow King is coming for his throne… All we can say is: CROWN HIM!

For more on his greatness follow the hashtag #NorristownFlowKing

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Watch Flow King’s HIT VIDEO “Hopes and Dreams”

Support FLOW KING by purchasing his debut single HOPES and DREAMS


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