The New Lawless of Attraction – the man behind the meet-ups

The Laws of Attraction can be theorized to mean, if you have a specific desire and focus intently on that desire with gratitude, it will be fulfilled.

For Rob Lawless, a 25 year old from Norristown, PA, that desire is to meet and experience true human exchange with 10,000 different people, one hour at a time.

Recently one of our staff members had the unique pleasure of being “robs10kfriends #2430” — The one hour coffee meet-up lasted just shy of 2hrs; the first hour being the normal meet and greet, and the second hour we got the chance to dig into the mind of the man behind this adventure.

Rob Lawless, a Penn State Grad, with a bright future in consulting, took up this journey back in 2015.

When he first started out, he was meeting people sporadically here and there, mostly after work and on weekends. Fast forward to today, the process runs more like a well built machine: monthly sponsors, contributions, and determination, have allowed Rob to pursue the venture full time.

It’s “the journey of pushing forward” as Rob describes it. The process has had it share of rough times and days where Rob has had to remind himself of the vision and purpose behind all this.

Rob says he’s always been artistic. Being the youngest of three children, we wondered if Rob’s parents were worried at all about his chosen path. Rob assured us that it was just the normal parental worries and that his parents have been overall supportive. Most of the worry comes from “having the vision, without being able to clearly explain it,” said Rob. He went on to say, “If I get successful through this, then I give my kids proof to chase their passions.”

What has he learned from all this thus far, “gratitude” and “no one knows what they’re doing in life, everyone is just doing the best they can with the resources… it’s the journey of pushing forward”

Most of his meetings to date have taken place in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas. When we spoke to Rob he was gearing up for a three month stay in California, where he will continue the journey to 10k friends.

When asked where the journey might lead to next, Rob stated he hopes to take the project internationally.

Amassing over 22,000 followers between Facebook and Instagram alone, Robs10kfriends is riding a momentum train with no end in sight.

We asked Rob if he had any doubts about being able to complete the project. He had this to say, “the only way I could see me not getting there is if I died for some reason.” Well, of course, we wish Rob a long life and many, many more great adventures.

Rob Lawless has set in motion a specific desire to meet 10,000 people “to see what comes of opening doors for no particular reason.” One hour at a time, one person at a time, Rob Lawless, is attracting and fulfilling that desire.

To connect with Rob, and follow along with the journey he’s on Instagram as @Robs10kFriends

For more information you can also visit his site

*special (iN)TOWN HIGHLIGHT: Rob was raised in Norristown, and is a graduate of the former Bishop Kenrick Catholic High School, right here in the beloved 19401.


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