Norristown Woman uses social media to get her clients and community to ride with a NEW WAVE – Meet Narvis

There is no way you can spend more than five minutes with Narvis Kennel and NOT be impressed. Brains, beauty, and a booming a business to match. Born and raised in Norristown, PA, Narvis understands the New Wave.

Have you ever heard the saying “youth is wasted on the young?” — Well, that theory doesn’t apply here. This young woman is building effective business models, and imploring all of her resources and talents to do so.

“I’m doing more now than I’ve ever done”

-said Narvis

Comical by nature, Narvis will definitely make you laugh. But trust me when I tell you, this young woman is no joke. Narvis has a plan!

As she puts it, this cleaning business is “strictly research”

Currently operating two businesses and a Non-Profit, Narvis’ ultimate goal is to build an infrastructure of businesses that can be passed on, shared in, and made completely equitable for the entire community… and with the help of social media, she’s making it happen.

If you think she’s just following a trend… you’re wrong!

Narvis is putting that Advertising & Marketing degree to use and harnessing the momentum of this millennial movement. A natural teacher, Narvis oozes originality, enthusiasm, and unapologetic determination.

She rigorously studies her target market, creates her own algorithms, and quickly establishes rapport and credibility with her clientele.

The New Wave Cleaning Service company’s slogan is “We don’t cut corners, We clean clean them” — Narvis is not out here skipping a steps, she’s creating a path out of the broken pieces.

Defying her own odds, Narvis is a graduate of Temple University, to which she says her mother now has lifetime bragging rights.

After college Narvis took a prominent job in the banking industry and was on her way to the American Dream… that is until she decided to risk it all.

It was when she was working overnight shifts to pay for college that she had an epiphany. Driving home on I-76, one early morning after work, Narvis says Kendrick Lamars’ Good Kid M.A.A.D. City was playing in the car stereo, the sun was glazed in the sky, and tears were running down Narvis’ eyes.

“It was like he was talking directly to me, my eyes were opened to so much” … “from then on I knew I was here to make a change… and why not start with where I’m from?

Ever since that car ride, Narvis says she’s been planning little things around her main goal, in order to get her there. And when passion came calling, beckoning Narvis to branch out on her own – she made her move.

Unlike so many, Narvis isn’t just here for her own success. Her vision is communal and collective.

“I want to help as many people as I possibly can”

She’s currently creating a kind of ‘new normal’ for her niece: encouraging her regularly to start her own business, even it the tender age of five years old. While darling niece hasn’t taken her Auntie up any of the business pitches yet, Narvis intends to keep dropping gems of wisdom, opening her niece’s eyes to what could be possible.

Her niece particularly loves watching Narvis’ social media promotional videos. In the videos Narvis can be seen acting out skits, dancing choreography to popular music, and even taking on the newest online challenges.

If you look close you can spot her family members joining on the fun. Her Mother and Niece, along with others have made their debuts in some of the New Wave Cleaning Service promotional videos.

Maybe we’ll get the chance to be cast in the next New Wave flick, who knows. Either way, we are cheering for Narvis’ success!

You can follow Narvis on instagram at the following: @nar_kennel & @newwavecleaningservicellc

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*(iN)TOWN would like to extend a very special Thank You to New Wave Cleaning Co-Owner and videographer, Brenton the Brilliant – we just gave him that nickname, without his permission, he goes by Brenton – but he is definitely brilliant!

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