Meet LaKeya, she’s BAE

Norristown Resident, LaKeya Guy is an (iN)TOWN B.A.E. She’s a Business Owner, Author, and Educator.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, LaKeya is crafting her destiny, one creative project at a time. From teaching 5th grade Social Studies to sharing in national book tours, Lakeya is definitely making her mark.

In the summer of 2017, while recovering from surgery, LaKeya wrote 10 books… yeah, you read that right, 10 books! Three of which have been published to date, and she is currently co-writing a book with Son of legendary singer Teddy Pendergrass, entitled “Get Out Of Your Own Way”

She’s a wife, and mother of three. She’s active in her church and community. She oversees several clubs at the school she teaches at, Eisenhower Science and Technology Leadership Academy, and she doesn’t intend on slowing down. Not to mention, she is adamant about having perfect attendance as a teacher.

“I have perfect attendance. The only reason I would take a day would be if it was school mandated… otherwise I’m here” said Lakeya

LaKeya is managing all this while also working towards her Doctorate Degree, with hopes of teaching on the collegiate level some day. And as if her days weren’t full enough, she somehow finds time to run her successful Customized craft business, where she can customize T-shirts, potato chip bags, decorations, and much more, even the likes of CapriSun juice pouches.

Her creative designs often make their way into the classrooms as well: Guy has been known to make classroom decorations, specialty t-shirts, and more, for her fellow colleagues.

But the business doesn’t stop there: According to Guy, her classroom is student run. Students are assigned jobs to assist in the functioning of the classroom, and as a result receive a monthly ‘paycheck’ which can be redeemed for purchases in the classroom store.

Not just an ordinary rewards program, LaKeya uses this practice to teach her students life lessons in accountability, accounting, saving, and budgeting.

When (iN)TOWN sat down with LaKeya, she couldn’t help but give her students the opportunity to shine. Eagerly showing off their work, and speaking highly of their recent accomplishments, Guy was noticeably full of sincere pride for each of them. She even encouraged some students to stick around and share their class projects with us (see the video below).

“Everyone doesn’t learn the same,” Per LaKeya, social studies can be a lot dates, facts, and memorization, so among other things she’s taken to implementing project based lessons into her course to help the children learn by doing.

Kicked out of two schools, and labeled a problem child at a young age: LaKeya Guy knows what it’s like to be a troubled student. She utilized her past experiences with school and the administration to make her classroom one where all students can potentially thrive.

“I vowed that I would make sure that I help others who may be dealing with challenging behaviors or kids who are out of control”

Transformed from the self-proclaimed “kid the teachers didn’t want to come to school” to now, the teacher who won’t miss a day. LaKeya Guy is making the most of her days, and approaching life in new creative ways.

We could all take a lesson from her.

LaKeya’s Published Books:

Charity’s Big Dreams

Road Trip to DC

Pray Without Ceasing- Women’s Journal

Leidan’s class project:

Leidan Martin-Johnson, 5th Grade, presenting as Jesse Owens

*(iN)TOWN would also like to thank 5th grade student, Kinsey Brown, for sharing his presentation with us. Unfortunately due to technical error the footage could not be posted. Thanks again, Kinsey, you’re awesome!

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