Local Cr8tive & Poetry favorite, W(iN)NER Rich Flow – exclusive

Meet Richard Williams, (aka) Rich Flow, W(iN)NER of the 2019 Happening (iN)TOWN National Poetry Month Poetry Contest. For many of us, Rich Flow needs no introduction. A innovator, collaborator, and versatile creative, Rich Flow is an embraced presence on many platforms. Known for his commitment to quality content, wordplay, and passion, Rich’s Flow is just that.


Poet, artist, rapper, entrepreneur, and founder of Let’s Link L8tr, Rich Flow is on the go and only gaining more steam. His monthly open mic at Centre Theatre, in Norristown is packing out show after show.

Born and raised in THE GREAT 19401, Rich Flow graduated from Norristown High School in 2010. Soon after, releasing his first mixtape Bases Loaded.

Motivated by the process and success of the project, Flow made the choice to further pursue his professional music career.

The second youngest of five siblings, Rich Flow was influenced by the music his older siblings listened to. Artists like Nas, Lauryn Hill, and Jay-Z formed his passion for the art. He draws inspiration from a variety of genres & artists, including: Neo Soul, reggae, soul, Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole.

Rich Flow is most popular for his songs Cereal For Dinner released 2014, and Black Man in America released in 2016. Watch Black Man in America Here:

You can catch Rich Flow currently working on his upcoming release, drugs raised us. A project that he hopes will speak on “un-talked” taboo topics, subjects such as drug abuse, substance abuse, and the pill epidemic, in hopes to spark conversations and enlighten that enlighten us all, as the effects of drugs affects us all.  

Even with all he’s got going on, he’s active in him community. Pioneering for local artists to get the appreciate they deserve. Rich Flow wants people to realize Norristown for its GREATNESS, and not the bad rep its taken over the years.

According to Rich Flow, one should strive be their greatest versions themselves, without the excuse of being young, hey says, “the best way to do that is to listen to your heart first.” He follows his heart and urges that others do the same.

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