Going Glam with Ya-2-Da-Ya: Putting a fresh face on Town

Norristown if you are looking for a Professional MakeUp Artist, MEET: Yaquasia Mckinney, she’s your girl. Yaquasia also known as “Ya Ya” specializes in a variety of makeup styles, including: prom, weddings, and high fashion.

Her work has appeared in runway shows in Philadelphia and New York. Whatever the event or outing you are headed to Ya Ya will make sure your face is slayed!

Based in Norristown, PA, Ya Ya is building her brand Ya2DaYa; a name that was given to her from her classmates in cosmetology school. They would chant “Ya to da Ya” in celebration to her cool and eye-catching makeup styles.

Ya Ya’s MUA portfolio includes feature styles like Natural Glam and Full Glam. “Natural glam: is a soft makeup look with a hint of shimmer. The skin looks dewey and refreshed. The eyes feature a natural colors and shimmer. Full glam: is an eye catching makeup look. Drawing emphasis on the eyes with a luminous finish on the face.

Ya Ya dedicates much of her time to not only making her clients look amazing but also making sure that their skin is healthy as well. According to Ya Ya, “the thing that separates me from other makeup artists is the fact that I spend a lot of time researching and practicing healthy skin care techniques.”

She offers skin consultations and facial massages to her clients before makeup is applied and sends each client off with a face mask to make sure that their skin is healthy and moisturized the next morning.

In addition to being a makeup artist, she is also a teacher. Offering classes and one-on-one sessions for clients and aspiring makeup artists.

Ya Ya wants to help all women not only just look beautiful, but feel beautiful also. Beauty isn’t defined by what’s on your face but how you feel about yourself.  Everyone isn’t going to love your definition of beauty you have to love yourself firstsays Ya Ya

If you are interested in services with Ya Ya you can contact her on instagram @ya2daya or by email: Yaquasia240914@gmail.com

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