FREE Mask Kits For Nurses -Husband and Wife team up to support local healthcare workers with homemade protective kits


Rebecca May Flowers, Associate Artistic Director at Theatre Horizon in Norristown, and her husband Sean Flowers, a registered nurse working in Philadelphia, have started a project to deliver high quality homemade protections kits directly to healthcare workers who need them.

According to their posts, the Flowers duo had this to say about their project efforts, “We are a married couple who, like many people, are alarmed to see how many medical centers are running out of personal protective equipment (PPE) during this covid-19 pandemic. We started wondering how soon Sean’s hospital might run low on PPE, so we decided to make a set of masks for him… Given Sean’s experience in the medical field and Rebecca’s ability to sew, we felt we had skills, resources, and connections to put together a really smart kit… And we came up with a kit that will last 2-3 days, given a provider (such as an ICU nurse) is seeing no more than 4-5 patients a day and they are re-using their masks when they re-enter a room. We know this will not apply to everyone (such as an E.R. nurse who sees many patients in a day) but “we hope the kit will still come as a relief to any provider in need.”

Do you know a local healthcare worker (iN)TOWN that could in need of protective gear?

More details on becoming a kit maker are available here.

What are Healthcare workers saying in response?

For more info on Kits or how to donate visit this regularly update google doc hosted by the MKFN team: GOOGLE DOC VERSION

Mask Kits For Nurses is in full swing and the whole family is in on it! Healthcare providers can get mask and cap kits for free by emailing the team and their team of makers at

The team MaskKitsForNurses Team is gladly accepting donations through their email on PayPal:

It’s A Family Affair

it’s a family affair!

Find out more info about the project here: MKFN GOOGLE DOC


Happening (iN)TOWN would like to say a special thank you to The Flowers Family and all of Team MaskKitsForNurses. Thank you for your impact (iN) the community!


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