Elite Capital Group has the potential to revolutionize how young entrepreneurs connect outside of Philadelphia

Norristown native, CEO and multi-business owner Dawon Matthews can now add host of monthly networking events to his already impressive résumé.

The “Monthly Mixer” series of networking events is held every second Thursday from 5 PM- 10 PM at The Lounge, 2522 W. Main Street, in Norristown. This event series is the first of its kind in this area.

Hosted by Matthews’ entrepreneurial networking group Elite Capital Group, the series has the potential to revolutionize how young entrepreneurs connect outside of Philadelphia.

While social networking will continue to reign as the most comfortable way millennials meet skilled like-mind professionals, traditional networking is pivotal to the fabric of any strong business and network. 

“Your network is your net worth. You go to networking events to gain knowledge through meeting people. If you are an entrepreneur and don’t know anyone your business isn’t going to do well. People do business with people they like,” declared Matthews.

Traditional networking allows business owners to have conversations without emojis with professionals they would have never met in spaces that aren’t as easily accessible to everyone as a social networking app. Meeting new people to discuss how to exchange goods and services can only strengthen business relationships in a community. Whether you are at Spotify’s Headquarters in New York City or The Lounge in Norristown, networking done correctly creates long-lasting relationships. 

With 20 people in the room, business ideas and cards exchanged, music blasting and my life-long friend by my side I enjoyed my first Monthly Mixer. With a solid agenda or networking structure there could be an undeniable presence of young entrepreneurs taking Norristown’s local economy by force.

“Sometimes people jump into entrepreneurship without any knowledge of what they are doing and sometimes it can get very scary. But if you have a network of support of people who are encouraging you it makes the journey easier,” said Matthews.

So if you were like me, contemplating if you should go. Grab a friend and your business cards, meet some like-mind professionals and execute your vision.

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