Dear Leah,

Original Poem by: Brandon “Mello” Jones – 2nd Place W(iN)NER

Dear Leah, i can see the pain on your face

i must admit, for some part of this, i am to blame.

through your mothers cries i sympathize and feel ashamed

Yet i stay… 

i don’t look away, I’m entertained. 

Separated backstage away from mommy and daddy while Fingers pointed and waved from both ends of a stage.. 

Broken hearts bleed while being told to be seated by a rich man with your poor fate in his hands.. 

Daddy leaps and reaches for the sky

No, Not to cry…

but to celebrate….

“she Isn’t mine!!”

A queen runs from a past that follows her with an HD camera as we sit back and laugh.

lies torn from the tongue your mother uses to lick the wounds caused by fault as the accused throws salt

your father is probably watching..

A “father” who has zero interest in being a worthy king for you princess.

Your young face paraded on a show they syndicated 

innocence infiltrated.. and for you.. there is no payment

They advertise adult alternative education 

lawyers for injury faking 

cars for bad credit with subliminal messages disrespecting the viewership that’s expected..

we know this….

yet we still watch like hawks. 

birds of a feather flock together, let’s get the brothers to further distrust their own sisters of the sun.

I don’t think that’s my son, he doesn’t have my eyes, His nose is too round…skin too dark… 

his features seem to kinda resemble that ….of god’s! 

you are a daughter to us all 

descendant of a queen

the power of your voice is that of when an angels sing

You can climb this hill and reach for any dream

if one day.. this replays with your face on the screen

And kids at school ridicule, or say some thing mean 

use that wasted air to be the wind beneath your wings

your mother’s bad decisions won’t inhibit anything. 

Dear Leah……

Congrats to Brandon “Mello” Jones for taking 2nd Place in the Happening (iN)TOWN 2019 National Poetry Month Poetry Contest

For more of Mello’s work you can find him on instagram @mellojones_  and performing live at Dirty Kleen’s Soul Session LIVE on May 4th FMI and TIX CLICK HERE:

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