Danavia: A Star on the Rise

Music is an element that has the ability to feed the spirit and shift a generation.

Those that bring art to the world also bring a new vibration to be felt by the collective.

Danavia, a young and vibrant Norristonian, brings the vibration of warmth and love through her music. Her tender and warm spirit is felt through the words she sings. Each word is soothing and appears to be effortless, capturing the ears and hearts of her audience members.

There is a popular saying: “It takes a village to raise a child” …This saying appears to be true for Danavia. Supported and encouraged to sing by her family, with her grandmother leading the charge.  Danavia would sing in front of family and church members starting at the tender age of just five years old. Although Danavia sang all throughout her life she did not take her music completely serious until a few years ago.

Danavia poses with her uncle, popular chef & caterer, Keenan “The Butler” Butler

Now a senior in high school, Danavia has finished her first album called Werk of Art. The album is a collection of songs that she has been working on throughout the last few years. Each song is unique and filled with Danavia’s deepest inner thoughts, taking the listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotion through her lyrics.

This young lady is completely well rounded artistically. When asked if she partook in other forms of art outside of singing; Danavia revealed that she is a painter and a musician. She knows how to play the piano, organ, guitar, and bass. Danavia aspires to continue with her artistry all while attending college.

Danavia is definitely a woman on the rise and (iN)TOWN supports and encourages all of her creative and academic endeavors! Way to go Danavia!

You too can come out and support Danavia’s music. She will be having a listening party for upcoming release “Werk of Art” at the Centre Theatre April 12th from 7-11. FREE OF CHARGE! You do not want to miss out on the talent of this young lady.

DESTINED for her share of red carpets, DANAVIA is definitely a name you won’t want to forget!

You can follow this rising star on instagram: @danavia_

*(iN)TOWN would like to send a special thank you to Danavia, ‘The Butler’s’ (Keenan & Princess Butler), Danavia’s Grandmother, and family, for hosting us with such a wonderful vibe and a delicious spread.

As for this carrot cake, all we can say is, “YUMM”

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