Beardo’s Shave Co: Bridging the gap between the community and the barber chair

Over the years the local barbershop has become more than just a place of grooming. In some communities, it is a haven. A common place, for men to converse, laugh, and inspire one another. A great barbershop can be both a battleground, and a monument to peace. Norristown is happy to have such a place in the GREAT 19401.

In April of 2016, Norristown native, Devery Johnson opened Beardo’s Shave Co. at 324 Cherry Street. He has since kept his doors wide open for men, women, and children alike.

Building a local presence, social media following, and strong client base, Devery Johnson is setting his business and his community up for growth.

Led by a strong emphasis on customer service, Beardo’s Shave Co. believes in the value of your time. So much so, they’ve developed an app that allows clients to book appointments at times that best fit their busy schedules.

We’re all so on the go these days… It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. As the saying goes, “Keep dreams close, keep your calendar closer”. With so many things we desire to do, and yet so little time… Beardo’s has your back! They will work with you to make sure you stay fresh and stay on schedule.

“Beardo’s Shave Co. is willing to work around your schedule”

Dubbed with name “Beardo” by his young son, Devery latched on the inspiration. He turned his son’s nickname for him, into a legacy. And when it came time to decide on a location for Beardo’s, Johnson knew it was right here in his hometown of Norristown PA. Sometimes everything you need to get started is right in front of you.

More than just a business owner, Johnson is a good neighbor that seeks to serves  his community.

His passion to serve those affected by the harshness of homelessness and poverty has led Johnson in the path of giving back. In recent years, he and his family have utilized local community center’s to cook and serve full meals to those in need during the holiday seasons.

Realizing that the distress of these harsh realities reaches far beyond our front doors, Johnson recently traveled to Los Angeles, California and while there he provided free hair cuts to the homeless.

Whether at home or abroad, Devery Johnson is determined to make at difference.

According to Devery the key to success is to “find something to live by and to take action.”

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