AQueen is home and ready to rule

Ariana Queenan is no stranger to Norristown. After some time away pursuing her Masters in Journalism from Hofstra University, Ariana has returned home to the area, and she is building out her throne one line at time.

Journalist, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, and Business Owner are just a few of the crowns Ariana is sporting these days. Most recently ‘A.Queen’ has joined the HAPPENING (iN)TOWN staff as a Content Writer and Development Associate.

Passionate, articulate, daring, and ready to put her pen to good use, Ariana is making way to being a true revitalizing voice (iN)TOWN.

In an age where the media is only selling fear and more fear, our mission here at is to bear witness to the greatness happening in our community.

Taking charge of our own narrative, we tell the stories that have been too long overlooked.

In a recent candid interview with our contributing editor, Ariana had this to say, “everyone has something to teach you… Let someone else tell you their story and implement what you can.”

…and since she has been on-board, we’ve been learning plenty from Ariana, taking notes from her experience and unique gifts.

As we seek to grow stronger as a community, having strong, passionate, voices can only help you further the cause.

After spending 5 years living in the face-paced boroughs of New York City, it can be quite a transition returning home to small town life. But Ariana came home and hit the ground running. Actively engaging in the local community, she is currently the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Montgomery County Community College, where she’s working to develop new ideas and initiatives daily. She’s running her own business WRITE HERE.WRITE NOW., LLC and to top all that off she’s brunching… Yes you read that right, Ariana is working with partners and local chef catering extraordinaire The Butler Catering to harness the power of networking through the upcoming Mingle & Maximize Brunch (to held on Jan 25th)

Her passion for individual and collective growth has led her on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Now ready to share those gifts, Ariana is charging forth into the void. With great things in the works, Ariana Queenan, is a name not to be forgotten.

Since joining the team, Ariana has worked diligently to coordinate and create content for the Happening (iN)TOWN audience across all our of platforms.

Stay tuned for more of her work in the coming year.

To learn more about Ariana and her genius visit:

“The world needs you just as you are”

Ariana Queenan


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