4th Year for K.B. P.O.W.E.R. Mentoring Camp

Ran by Founder and Norristown Native, Kirk Berry, K.B. P.O.W.E.R. Mentoring Camp just recently celebrated its 4th consecutive year of service.

The 2019 Camp was held August 1-4th, with enrollment nearly 4 times higher than it was in year one.

Counselors, mentors, volunteers, and a group of 38 young men ages 11-13, made way to Camp Fowler Youth Valley House in Orefield, PA . The weekend long intensive included four days of instruction, activities, mentoring and FUN.

Over the last four years, The K.B. P.O.W.E.R. Mentoring Camp has served & educated just shy of 80 young men across the region.

“The camp comes out of the things I don’t know how to do as a man not having a father in the home… it’s a life skills camp” says Berry

It takes a village to raise a child… and it’s important to make sure that child experiences what the world is like outside the village as well. Of course, a few calls home to mom can be expected.

Each year young men come to experience K.B. P.O.W.E.R. and leave have learned more about their own personal power and how to better apply it.

It’s not enough just to build it, you must also make it accessible.

Making this program affordable and power packed, Kirk has been able to off-set the cost to the family, through outside donations, scholarships, and gift matching.


With pick up locations is Norristown & Philadelphia, the K.B. Power Mentoring camp has enrolled campers from all over Montgomery County.

“There will always be a pick up location in Norristown, because that’s where I’m from” said Berry, while he talked of the importance of exposing our youth to the world around them. For many of the KB POWER Campers, this is their first time away from Mom and Dad.

Located 45 minutes outside of Norristown Camp Fowler Youth Valley House has served as home to the KB POWER Mentoring camp all four years.

The overnight camp experience is a lesson in it of itself, one of young independence, maturity, and the breaking down of comfort zones.


Berry founded, KB Foundation, Inc. in 2016. The KB P.O.W.E.R Mentoring Camp is the first program developed by the foundation umbrella. Berry plans to continue to actively build out programming and activities for youth and the adults that work with them.

Inspired by Berry’s pursuits to book an engagement as a speaker at The STEVE HARVEY Mentoring Camps with no response from the organization.

“If you hear enough people say, if you can’t be a part of somebody’s [program], just start your own. So that’s what I did. I started my own camp.”


“For anybody that’s trying to start a business, or is already worried about somebody already doing it, at the end of the day there is always room for you to start your own.” says Berry


Over the years activities have included an Adventure Course, Swimming, CPR First Aid training, Professional Dress & Tailoring, Car Maintenance and Service, Yoga, Fitness, Healthy Cooking & Kitchen Safety, Science Exploration, Tech Workshops, Barbering, Horsemanship, and Social Enterprising and Entrepreneurship, and much more.

The K.B. P.O.W.E.R. harnessed in this Mentoring Camp is training young men in important lifeskill and creating a message for them that contains Positivity, Opportunity, Wisdom, Encouragement, and Responsibility.

We at Happening (iN)TOWN wish the campers and organizers of K.B. P.O.W.E.R. Mentoring Camp much success now and in their future endeavors.

You can contact the KB Foundation, Inc team at kbfoundation@kirkberry.com

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