2019 Poetry Contest Winners

Thank you to the participants in our 2019 National Poetry Month Poetry Contest. Your unique voices and creative works are appreciated!

2019 W(iN)NERS

3rd Place W(iN)NERThe Mystic: writer and creative artist

2nd Place W(iN)NER – Brandon “Mello” Jones: poet & owner of the Se7en creative arts complex

….. and drum roll, please……

1st Place W(iN)NER – Richard Williams aka Rich Flow: rapper, poet & founder of Let’s Link L8tr .

1st Place W(iN)NER Richard Williams aka Rich Flow

Congratulations to all of our W(iN)NERS! Your work is a sure sign GREATNESS IS HAPPENING (iN)TOWN.

Stay tuned this week as we will be publishing submitted works of poetry from the Contest W(iN)NERS to our the website, as well as featuring an exclusive interview with Rich Flow

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